iiiiii quit, i quit, i quit mr. white, i quit.

that's right. in the words of jimmy-lead singer of the oneders\herdsmen- i quit blogger.  i've had enough.  it asked me if i wanted to upgrade my blog and i did, and subsequently it lost most of my info.  so, i'm moving my blogging over to tumblr.com.  if you want to read my blog, you can look it up at birdalicious.tumblr.com 

peace out, blogger....


currently in constant repetition on my ipod

music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life- red auerbach

music. it can make you laugh. it can make you cry. it can make you dance. it can lift you up. it can drag you down.  it is a way to translate how you feel when you can't find any words to do so.  these are the songs that are washing away that current dust right now:

1. chin up cheer up -ryan adams
2. sideways -citizen cope
3. virginia may -gregory alan isakov
4. your protector -fleet foxes
5. colors -april smith & the great picture show
5. wash away -joe purdy
6. wish you well -katie herzig
7. what can i say -brandi carlile
8. poison & wine -the civil wars
9. the walls are coming down -fanfarlo
10. world sick -broken social science
11. first of july -foy vance
12. new redemption song -over the rhine
13. my repair -the noise 10 featuring brandi carlile
14. never leave your heart alone -butterfly boucher
15. something, somewhere, sometime -ben sollee & daniel martin moore

...i could name 15 more, but these are my favorites of the favorites!

take a listen to the ones available on playlist, the ones that aren't are links to hear them elsewhere!...

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5 reasons vh1 should bring back pop-up video

pop-up video.  as you read those words you immediately sang that little ditty to yourself didn't you? (pop-pup video-o) yeah me too...
back in the 90s when MTV still stood for music television and VH1 had not yet been infiltrated by celebreality, pop-up video was a smash hit. A half hour show airing in segments of 5 music videos, a little bubble or "info nugget" would pop up to give us random tidbits about the video- from where rick astley shot his video for "never gonna give you up" (...never gonna let you dow-ow-own) to pointing out that mandy moore was only 14 when she drove that green vw bug in her video for "candy." (please see youtube and vh1.com for further reference.)
so, after 6 years of wonderful pop-up "info nuggets" the show was axed, eventually leading to the celebreality of surreal life, i love new york, tool academy, and many more i'm too ashamed to mention.  here are the reasons pop-up video should be brought back from the dead to rid us of any more celebrity fit club with k-fed and screech:

1. lady gaga.  any insight as to what the hell goes into the making of a lady gaga music video would be greatly appreciated by all. 
*it would also be awesome if a pop-up would reference who\what she was before the fame monster- click here

2. they could do a "break-up" special edition pop-up video with bands or couples that have broken up since the show went off the air and tell their break-up stories through pop-up nuggets. examples: jessica simpson and nick lachey, n*sync, j.lo and ben affleck.

3.  because nobody wants to watch tool academy15

4. so we can count how many times beyonce's booty shakes in "single ladies." she's gotta hold some sort of record for that.

5. so they can start doing pop-up episodes of their trashy reality tv shows that pop-up explanations as to why they thought any of them were a good idea.


D is here!!!

it's been almost 2 months since i moved to nashville, and this past weekend, D finally moved in!
(sidenote: a big shoutout and thanks to the Fridrichsens for housing me for those 2 months-if em and jonas hadn't opened up their home to me, i may still be in atlanta right now! i really loved living with them, and it was really awesome to be able to spend time with em at such an exciting time in her life!)

we had been pretty unsuccessful in finding an apartment, so we are renting out a really fun house that D's parents' friends own (confusing, i know). duke, D's little wiener dog, came too, and he is awesome! he loves to cuddle, and spends the day snuggled under a big blanket next to me on the sofa.
it truly is such a blessing to be able to call D my roommate. we have been best friends since the 2nd grade, and i never imagined i'd actually end up being in the same city as her after college, let alone living with her! we live in kind of a random area, but we are literally down the street from opryland, opry mills and the grand ole opry, so that makes it fun!

to say i've been bored is an understatement as i am still jobless. i have put my free time to good use, however, in driving around downtown and learning where everything is. took a lovely drive through belle meade the other day....although i almost ran over a bicyclist, who i'm sure was actually some rich surgeon in spandex (whoops). i've also been frequenting the local panera breads. plural. i think i've hung out at every panera in town with the exception if a recently discovered location in hermitage. no. seriously. i'm THAT bored. the people watching at panera is unparalleled, with the exception of a day trip to dollywood and perhaps an indigo girls concert. i've seen a small child roar like a dinosaur while eating her grilled cheese, i've seen a free-spirited teenager dancing while seated reading a book without an ipod to provide any music, and i've made a new friend in an elderly man that likes to come in for the soup special.
D is here!! YAY!!!


The One Without the Coffee

72 plus hours without a single sip of delicious, rich, smooth, hazelnut-flavored coffee.......

T minus a ka-zillion hours until the next sip.


music makes the world go round

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I'm Sorry, Dunkin Donuts

It's that time of year again. The time to commit myself to cruel and unusual punishment through a voluntary fast lasting 40 days and 40 nights- AKA: Lent. Previous fasts have included soda, chocolate, meat, and chocolate again. (Abstaining from chocolate has only been accomplished 1 out of the 2 times it was attempted. Again I'm sorry, Jesus!)
This year, I have considered a few options of what I could either give up or begin doing for the 40 day period before Easter: television (insert gasp of shock here), diet coke, chocolate (again), make a commitment to exercise 3x/week. After much thought about what was both achievable and sacrificial, I have decided to limit myself to 1 cup of coffee per day with no other caffeinated beverages the rest of the day. So, no diet coke, no sweet tea, etc. Only 1 mug of coffee each morning, if at all. Maybe I should just give up caffeine altogether, but with 8am class on Saturday mornings, I just can't. Like I said, it has to be achievable, and I highly doubt that I'm ready to go cold turkey on this one.
There are a couple of reasons for this decision. One being that I'm getting worried about how much my hands shake if I haven't had my daily intake of coffee....that's a bad sign. It makes me feel out of control of my body, and I really hate sitting in panera with the shakes as I pick up a fork to eat my pumpkin muffies! Another reason is so that I will no longer have to endure caffeine headaches after I have weened myself off of it. My addiction has only grown since I began drinking coffee, and I had gone up to as much as 4 cups a day. Not good.
So, that's what I'm giving up for Lent. Hopefully after the 40 ays are up, I will be able to continue my coffee limit. And next year, I think I'm going to actually give up television. The only reason I didn't give that up this year was for 1 simple thing: the final season of LOST! :)



what the crap?




The FINAL season premiere starts tonight at 8pm. To say I am excited would be an understatement... to say I am slightly obsessed would be also!!

I am not, however, excited about commercial breaks, only getting 42 minutes of the show per week, and hanging questions at the end of each episode.

NOBODY call me between the hours of 9-11pm eastern\8-10pm central time...i will not answer! (Molly, I'm talking to you :))



Let the Countdown Begin

That's right. T minus 8 DAYS until the final season of LOST!!! Beginning this past fall, I have watched (i know what you're thinking...loser with too much time on her hands, oh well.) every single episode of the series up until the season 5 finale. Maybe I'm a geek, but I had to do something after Nat moved out and I was alone in the apartment in Atlanta. Don't judge me. Throughout my own flashbacks to past episodes, even more questions arose to me for the final season: what the CRAP is the black box, and how did Locke's dad get to the island, only to have Sawyer kill him? What really happened to Rousseau's crew? What do the numbers mean? Who the CRAP is the man in black?...and most importantly, what's the smoke monster? The questions are endless, and the answers will be pouring out in only 8 days! While living with Em and Jonas, we have been having Lost Theory Discussions about what it all means.....most of these discussion end in even more confusion! Here are some of my theories\thoughts:

-Sayid is gonna die...for sure. last we saw him he had a bullet in his gut, he's a dead man!
-Locke is related to Jack, and so are Claire and Widmore (who, if you don't remember, is also Faraday's dad)
-Charlie will come back, just so I can hear Claire scream "Chaaalie, where's my babay!!"
-Christian, Jack's dad who keeps popping up on and off the island, is really the "man in black." He used jack's dad's dead body to find the "loophole", and then switched into Locke's body in order to go kill Jacob. that's the loophole...i think
-Kate will not choose Jack or Sawyer. that's gonna be 1 of the unanswered questions the geeky writers will leave us just to piss us off!
-Richard Alpert will never age..he will always me a middle-aged guy with eyeliner on.

Although I'm really sad to see the show ending, thus leaving me with nothing to do on Tuesday nights at 8pm, I can't freakin wait for the final season! Live Together, Die Alone....